Snake wey u chase go run back you, if it doesn't see where to go! Nigerian government are the one chasing snake while the citizens are the snake app by #zaacwilliam

Stop asking God for money πŸ’΅ and things.... Thank him always instead he knows you all, he knows your mind, he can read your soul..! app by #zaacwilliam

The candle light which is light to room has it's orbit in darkness β€” people wey dey give you good advice need it too!

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The worst thing you can ever do to yourself and your children is having more than one wife! Or giving your children step mother after they lost their mother... I don talk my own no do polygamous family ooo!

I miss my wife πŸ’•
I' don't have one yet but I miss her πŸ’

Life is a television, na only who get vision fit view! Na who get brain go con understand the suitable part!

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My brother if she's now always busy everything that she can't return your calls move on, such behavior is called silent breakfast πŸ˜‚!

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We're broke because our fore-father's were joking when they suppose they hustle, now our own turn we no suppose joke try as a side hustle so you'd not have to sell that crypto coin you're suppose to hold, earn more and buy more coin... Dm for how works!

Buying food has cost me 2000 naira per day Equals 60,000 naira per month.... Data as cost me so much that am eating next year like this I go just buy one huge crypto wey I no go sell any money I see after nah enjoyment!

If you see someone wey two of una love each other like mad, marry him/her straight...

Food wey teh go spoil, Even you preserve am, the taste no go still be as that of fresh one.... You gerrit? If you don't gerrit forget about it!

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Never give anyone the chance to waste your time! Cause your time is precious

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Happy New MONTH!
303 / 365, I guide you all with blood of Jesus (amen ✌️)

If i don't make it to see tomorrow please put some respect on my name

As you read this by the name of almighty God you will be celebrated soon and there shall be no posthumous reward in your life!

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To the ladies: prostitution starts the very moment you're expecting a miraculous helper (2) prostitution starts the moment you ever think about accepting that man/guy offering you something because of SEX (3) Just be hard working it takes you nothing... #foodforthought
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A day will come we'll not be able to use all our foreign products and apps anymore! Then we'll realize why Indigenous platform is needed
#tawkrum .com for Africa 🌍 to the world πŸ—Ί

It's my birthday πŸŽ‚ birthday πŸŽ‚
#zaacplusone !!! Hurrah πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ

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Material Full Market, nah you no pick correct and comfort one, choose your full options well, i no wan dey hear stories after you buy, cut and sow the material... 2022 We'll not give chance for any relationship advice 🀣🀣

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It's not about rolling with millionaires, the question is are they helping you?
Can you do bills payments competition with them?

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You no get money, you no get talent (lol) and you be Nigerian, your name na sorry o!, sorry o!

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What's Next On
We said we'll build better differences

Now here is the coming development
We're adding reward to each tawk publications blade, this will allow you to be to reward the tawk publisher an $tawk token!

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