Be careful of people that are suddenly proud of you.

They always want something.
Run Oh! ??

Never be a FOOL to anybody, live your life to the FULL. ?✨

You can’t wait till life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy. ??

gimme your wings & i give you my wings, so me and you go fit fly.

gimme money, you say money no dey, gimme update you say update no dey,

show me the road you say you no know road, but for your neck e be like 15 gold.

- Gbese

It’s getting late please call the Uber man, I got nothing but bad intentions and I really hope you don’t catch the feelings xoxo

How the #tawk be today?
Listen to the new "TMP Offisial" featuring "Bella Shmurda" - KIZO ??

?: ??

Listen to good music, God no go shame us. UAR too hard.

Big S/O to everyone on here.
I for buy Una Budweiser but night don come.

God bless. ?

Keep the #tawk alive.

We improved! adding some new features
1. Detect your current location,
2. Built crypto on our traffic $tawk,
3. Allow you transfer $tawk btwn here and listed #CC apps, $tawk increase & decrease in price will be on #tawkrum usage (site-traffic)

As An Artiste with a released song out already. Have you ever made money from your music, no matter how small, even if its $2?

Lets #tawk ?

I see a whole lotta #tawkers are getting Verified, just the good sights i wanna see. Big s/o to the teamtawkrum for this.

20k users almost here.
Please invite people here and earn.
This isnt your usual social media, this is miles ahead. #tawk

#tawk -ing here is gonna get better.
Web-dev and idea shooters should hit me up please. Lets get this community going

Mentiontawkrum in your #tawk only if you have issues with #tawkrum
#reminder : verification of members will be very strict today from 11:59pm henceforth and it'll all go by guidelines ! 18k members reached thanks guys

e be like say i go see loml for here. na to just #tawk remain ?

Are you a web developer join #tawkrum_dev and be part of our team... We can't do this alone #new #tawkrum interface!

Post video showcasing your football skills while holding Indomie Belleful or Indomie Hungryman,Use hashtag #IndomieRepUrTeam & tag 5 friends.
Get highest comments on video to Win 2 cartons of Indomie
Feature on our Indomie advert on tv & www.Indo

I've created over 10 platforms in my life and he/she has never use one... When #tawkrum finally be what everyone says he/she will start famzing #kpk #LeadCityUni #LASU

some people go still carry Wizkid & Davido fight come here. i dey wait una.

till then, lets #tawk