hello its your gist maker
ok you don wear jonsuit come school you wan pee how you wan do ham now and gyus dey around
ladies talk

#tawkrum #NSG

new day hello from gist maker

pls we the leaders of tomorrow dey beg make unah buy tomorrow give us money today cus cold pepsi dey our mind

#tawkrum #NSG #gistmaker

hello it's a new day amd your tawkrum gist maker but mow i need help y'all said joy come in the morning ryt

#tawkrum #NSG #gistmaker

it's your gist maker again
bro i need help nah unah say follow who know road abi i come follow one bros for my area may know road and now the bros dey ask me what's the way which way hope nur be watin i dey think
#tawkrum $gistmaker #NSG

morning y'all it's your gist maker again

the same country wey they give us issue nah they give some joy

#tawk #NSG #gistmaker #tawkrum

pls support your boy stream my somg before i drop another i need support love and all that I've songs on ground but no money for studio time

#tawkrum #support #love #NSG #mu

what's puppin tawkrum

imagine waking up one morning them don change everybody name and them come give me fuck thy shit
what'll be yours

#tawkrum #gistmaker #NSG #onepeople

last gist for today

america: shes my bitch
she: yes babe i am
Nigeria: she's my Bitch
she: ogun go kill you Johnathan

#gistmaker #NSG #tawkrum

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