I'm a poet, an Educationist and an aspiring actor. I catch cruise for a living ??

The most baloney decision anyone can ever make is letting go of what gives you joy to please anyone.

@zaacwilliam , this is a very nice site. just like where we were chases from. keep on improving the app. i love this Bro. #NigeriaToTheWorld .

don't keep clothes for a special day, you being alive makes err'day special!✅?

the walls of hospitals have heard more sincere prayers than the walls in churches ?

We are crawing in the darkness of our illusion,
We are bleeding,People with hope says we're not dying,Must we bleed to death?I'm angery,Not at anyone but at a failed society.The poor wane in poverty,The rich dance in riches,Which breedsRAGE. #NSG #Er

imagine getting arrested 10 years ago in Nigeria and after 10 years of release they tell you welcome to UAR what'll you do?

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