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What you write here must be real πŸ’―

Either you do drugs or not you're going to dieπŸ˜” but at least for the sake of your Generation can you stop doing drugs... Abhi Oloriburuku ni e ni 😑

#InsideLife: Don't Compete Run Your Race Alone, If you compete you stumble... Get that running in your mind -@zaacwilliam

#tawkrum #tawks
#$tawk to the moon πŸŽ‘

We improved! adding some new features
1. Detect your current location,
2. Built crypto on our traffic $tawk,
3. Allow you transfer $tawk btwn here and listed #CC apps, $tawk increase & decrease in price will be on #tawkrum usage (site-traffic)

Every appointment we have witnessed under Buhari has gone to his kinsmen which doubles as the most uneducated region in Nigeria. Quota system is medieval yet Buhari Fulani regime insist on using it.

We want to make sure we give everyone the tawkrum app.... This week if you want to support or be partner send me or@zaacwilliam a dm let's do it fast and start implementing upgrades and updates!!
Anyway you can support us financially or morally as

thunder fire twitter! na here we dey🀣🀣

The last button πŸ”³ is where to find latest people, trending tawks, and trending hastags #tawkrum please do #retawk am for everyone to know!! πŸ”₯

hey@tawkrum thank you for your verification we promise to bring the best out of this plateform, please we need the app of this too. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

#suggest : It's seems there is one browser that mine #bitcoin why not get that browser since while using the browser u are mining βš’! - FO

Let's anticipate the #liteapp for@Tawkrum
it's coming soon πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ’‹

I see a whole lotta #tawkers are getting Verified, just the good sights i wanna see. Big s/o to the team@tawkrum for this.

20k users almost here.
Please invite people here and earn.
This isnt your usual social media, this is miles ahead. #tawk

Verification continues #earlybirds only and end today 11:59pm henceforth you shall have the required popularity NIN/INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT BEFORE YOU GET VERIFIED!

help share@tawkrum on your Twitter & IG pagesπŸ™ tell a friend to tell a friend bout this πŸ’―

Mention@tawkrum in your #tawk only if you have issues with #tawkrum
#reminder: verification of members will be very strict today from 11:59pm henceforth and it'll all go by guidelines ! 18k members reached thanks guys

Post video showcasing your football skills while holding Indomie Belleful or Indomie Hungryman,Use hashtag #IndomieRepUrTeam & tag 5 friends.
Get highest comments on video to Win 2 cartons of Indomie
Feature on our Indomie advert on tv & www.Indo

if you're literally the greatest in what you do #retawk this πŸ”₯

Gradually, my commander @zaacwilliam is planning on giving me some unique experience, looks and feels #tawkrum